Silicone Seal-S44


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PEMKO Silicone Seal-S44 (STOCK)

SiliconSeal Adhesive Backed Fire / Smoke Gasketing
• Seals begin compressing at 3/16”, and both can be compressed sufficiently
to seal openings with 1/16” gaps, making door latching easy.
• Excellent resistance to compression set, particularly at elevated temperatures
and for extended periods of times.
• Stays flexible between 70° F and 250° F with very high resistance to
flex fatigue.
• Outstanding ozone resistance rating.
• Smoke tested by WYLE Laboratories in accordance with UL 1784-90;
meets the requirements of NFPA 105 “Installation of Smoke Control Door

Finish Key:
D: Dark Bronze
W: White

Size, Finish:
17’, 21’, 25” White, Dark Bronze
Designed for tighter frames.
Demonstrates extremely low closing force.
Seal begins compressing at 3/16"; compresses to seal up to a 1/16" gap.

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