About Doors & Specialties Co.

Are you searching for the best location to get quality doors, frames, hardware, and bathroom accessories? Welcome to Door & Specialties Co!

Founded in 1987, Door & Specialties Co is a leading distributor of doors, frames, hardware, and bathroom accessories. We have grown from a small family business to become a trusted and reliable national brand. With over 40 years’ experience, Door & Specialties Co is recognized as a well-respected distributor of doors, frames, hardware, and bathroom accessories for the construction industry.

Our Products

We have a vast product offering, which includes different types of doors, frames, hardware, and bathroom accessories. At Door & Specialties Co, we are committed to delivering industry-leading construction products. In sourcing for doors and other products from top manufacturers, we prioritize creativity and quality. We want all our products to offer a remarkable feel to anyone buying from us. Our products come with a guarantee of peace of mind as they are durable and reliable. This has made us a top brand in the supply chain for doors, frames, hardware, and bathroom accessories.

Our Clients

Our greatest goal is to be a reliable link in the construction materials supply link by selling products that clients will find impressive. We operate on a tiered pricing structure, as we cater to distributors, general contractors, specialty contractors, builders, handyman services, locksmiths, and end-users. Our clients appreciate us for the competitive costs and the outstanding quality of our products. In addition, we have an effective delivery system that enables us to regularly ship materials (doors, frames, hardware, and bathroom accessories) to several locations. In all our services, we put in great effort to be the premier choice for our clients as we uphold rewarding and remarkable client relationships.

Our Uniqueness

We know quality materials, and only stock and distribute products with the highest quality from top manufacturers. Also, we understand the essence of client satisfaction, and we are committed to ensuring our clients get both outstanding products and customer service. At Door & Specialties Co, we are all about quality and reliability, and this makes us distinguished as a leading distributor in the construction industry