CL4510 Smart Lock

Doors and Specialties Co.

$270.00 $400.00


Smart locks get smarter.
The CL4500 range of locks
offers the Codelocks smart
lock features but in a smaller,
sleeker lock model.

The CL4500 lock range combines smart technology with traditional keypad and card access options suitable for a wide range
of applications, from building managers to home rental owners. Utilizing Codelocks NetCode technology, the locks offer flexibility and convenience that enable businesses to recognize new levels of convenient access control without compromising on security.

Code Card Phone
The CL4500 range of locks provides flexibility and convenience by providing a range of access methods allowing you to choose the most suitable entry method for your application. Allow clients access via a simple code, allocate and register a MIFARE® compatible card or send an invitation to their phone. 

Generate and send time-sensitive codes to end users using the K3 Connect App or NetCode portal. Set codes for a specific start date and time and that automatically expire after a set duration. Additional features include blocking NetCodes and setting Flexi NetCodes.

Controlled Code Free
Set the lock into Code Free mode (Passage Function) at fixed times of the day, reducing administration time and allowing users open access.

Audit Trail
Keep track on who, when and where the lock was accessed. Download and view the lock audit trail data.





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