MS1851S Deadbolt for Aluminum Stile Doors

Adams Rite

SKU: DAS9ARCMS1851S210628


Cylinder Backset: 31/32", 1-1/8" or 1-1/2" only

Case: Steel with corrosion resistant plating. 1" x 6" x depth (depth varies by backset.)

Function: A huge bolt of laminated stainless steel, nearly three inches long, activated by an uncomplicated pivot mechanism, has made this basic MS Deadbolt the standard of the narrow stile door industry. The length of this bolt provides maximum security for a single leaf door, even a very tall and flexible one or an         installation where the gap between door and jamb is greater than it should be.

Bolt: 5/8" x 1-3/8" with 13/16" throw. Eight ply laminated stainless steel with Alumina Ceramic core defeats any hacksaw attack (including rod type "super" hacksaws) while hook shape repels prybar attempts to "spread" door from its jamb or lift it off its track.

Operation: 360 degree turn of key or thumb turn throws or retracts the counterbalanced bolt. Key can be removed only when bolt is in a positively locked or unlocked position. Lock accepts any standard 1-5/32" diameter mortise cylinder or thumb turn from either or both sides. Cylinder must have MS dimensioned cam.

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