Model 700 / 715 Alarm Exit Device

Alarm Lock




• Model 700 has changable 2 minute alarm cut off of manual reset

• Non handed

• Audible low battery warning and cam for exterior key control

• Includes door warning sign and bar dogging function

• Power 9VDC alkaline battery

• Lock bolt: 1” throw - heavy die cast zinc alloy with steel inserts

• Sound level 95db

• Supplied less cylinder, requires rim cylinder

Model 715:

• Stand alone delayed egress panic. 15 second delayed latch, instant egress in case of emergency or fire.

Meets NFPA 101 Lite Safety code. Includes monitoring output for secondary siren. CCTV or remote monitoring

• Supplied less cylinder, requires rim cylinder


Stocked Product

• For 36” width door

• 700 and 715 models

• Finish: Aluminum

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