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Pemko Gasket-S773 (STOCK)

• Pemko’s S773 is a utility gasket that can be used in virtually any application requiring insulation from sound, smoke and weather conditions.
• Pemko’s S773 can seal larger gaps than traditional seals and allows for warped doors and frames.
• Pemko’s S773 fins help to absorb the door’s closing impact.
• Pemko’s S773 mounted on the rabbet (on the latch side jamb) means more clearance and easier operation of latches and deadbolts.
The S773 is typically used as a perimeter gasket when sound transmission is an issue. It is an effective seal against heat loss and drafts. Common installation locations include hotel rooms, theaters, offices, etc. The S773 allows a low door closing force so it is particularly well suited to locations where ADA compliance is necessary. S773 can be effectively installed on both interior and exterior doors. The S773 has an adhesive back and should only be installed on clean, dry and cured surfaces. On the “latch side” door jamb and the door header, the S773 should be installed on the frame rabbet with the tallest fin toward the door stop. On the “hinge side” the S773 should be installed on the door stop with the tallest fin toward the frame rabbet.

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