Escutcheon Lever Design



 Catalog Cut 

• Grade 1, thrubolted design, clutch freewheeling. Non handed design.
Easily field reversible.
• Hardened steel heavy duty tailpiece. Available for fire and non fire rated rim
and vertical rod exit devices.
• Keyed functions stock “C” keyway, 1-1/8” mortise cylinder
• Door thickness 1-3/4”
• Escutcheon dimensions: 2-5/16” width x 8 1/2” length, lever 3/4”.
Fits & covers 2-1/8” 161 cutout.
Entry (L) ETL
Key locks and unlocks lever ANSI 13
Passage (BE) ETLBE
Trim always free operable ANSI 15
Dummy (DT) ETLDT
Dummy trim, One sided ANSI 10
Store Room (NL) ETLNL
Key retracts latch bolt otherwise locked ANSI 04