Electric Strike - 4800




For use with rim exit device; no cutting required, Frame cutting is eliminated-the strike is completely
surface mounted.

• Built-in electronics, with surge and kick back protection, allows 12-24AC DC operation with no external accessory
• Holding Force 3,000 lbs
•1,500,000 life cycle
• Field adjustable for fail secure or fail safe operation
• 1-3/4” wide X 3/4” depth X 9” height
• Surface Mounting requires drilling three (3) holes
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Steel Spacer 1/8” thick supplied for installations that require mounting the strike closer to the exit device

LC Electrical Draw Chart for all LC option strikes
.57 Amp @ 12VDC
.25 Amp @ 24VDC
.51 Amp @ 12VAC
.21 Amp@ 24V AC

Stocked Product
4800: 32D

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