B72974-Surface-Mounted Plastic, Automatic, Universal Roll Towel Dispenser




Surface-Mounted Plastic, Automatic, Universal Roll Towel Dispenser
Introducing Bobrick’s new addition to a complete line of Automatic, Universal Roll Towel Dispensers:
Surface-Mounted Plastic, Automatic Roll Towel Dispenser,
Model No. B-72974
The new Surface-Mounted Plastic Automatic Roll Towel Dispenser is a perfect complement to our stainless steel line of dispensers
where budget is a concern, yet the building owner wants to maintain a high level of design, function, and flexibility.

• Automatic, hygienic, hands free operation.
• Universal roll towel dispenser offers flexibility and freedom from
expensive proprietary paper.
• Dispenses universal, 1-1/2” to 2” diameter core, up to 8” diameter, 8”
wide, non-perforated, non-proprietary rolls.
• Four paper saving features allow building owner to control cost of
paper towels and comply with US EPA Reduce & Reuse Resource
Conservation Initiative
• Adjustable towel lengths set at 9”, 12”, or 15”
• Adjustable time delays on second activation set at 1, 2, or 3
• Paper Saver Feature with two optional sheet lengths on second
activation: 25% or 12.5% shorter
• Stub roll dispensing accommodates up to 3-1/2” diameter stubroll
with automatic transfer to full roll
• Extended 300,OOO-cycle, 1-year battery life with low battery indicator
light; AC adapter available.
• Easy access battery compartment located in the front of cabinet.
• Durable beige body made with high-impact resin plastic and a navy

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