8501 Series Closers


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This series incorporates independent sweep and latch speed adjustments. In addition, adjustable spring power and adjustable backcheck cushioning are standard features. Adjustable delayed action closing is available as an option in addition to the adjustable backcheck cushioning feature. Norton also offers a Multi-Size Door Closer Series which features adjustable spring power thru a range of sizes. Series 8501 has adjustable power in the Normal Power Range of sizes 1 thru 6. These closers offer low opening resistance for handicapped accessibility but still provide acceptable door control.


BF: No longer needed. all 8500’s have new spring for size 1 thru 6

CLP: Built in stop effective at one point at installation from 85°-110°. Parallel arm application only

DA: Delayed action closing

H: Hold open arm function

SNB: All closers packed with sex nuts and bolts

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Options Stocked: CLP, DA, H

689 (aluminum)

690 (dark bronze)

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