450 Series: Medium Duty Surface Overhead DoorHolders/Stops

Glynn Johnson


450 series holders and stops are designed for medium to light duty applications, They are ideal for openings that are subject to normal activity, providing protection for the door, frame and hinges

All models incorporate the popular channel/slide-arm design and offset jamb brackets. The improved design makes it easier to change functions in the field.

Non handed

450 F Friction Hold-Open models provide an alternative holding method ideal for patient room doors, closet doors or similar applications where multiple Hold-Open positions are desired.

450S Stop only is used when Hold-Open function is not required. The Stop-Only function provides the same effective door control without keeping the door held open. May be used on fire doors.

450 S (Stop-Only) and F (Friction Hold Open)
Item #      Size        Finish
452             2           32D  (in stock)
453             3           32D  (in stock)
454             4           32D  (in stock)

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