4089 Exit Indicator

Adams Rite

SKU: DAS9ARC4089130


Function: Provides unmistakable notification of an exit door's "locked" or "open" condition. under many local building safety codes, this allows the use, in certain occupancies,of a security deadlock instead of less secure panic devices. It includes two permanent adhesive header signs: "This Door To Remain Unlocked During Business Hours." (That wording is according to Uniform Building Code.) The second sign for NFPA and other local codes reads:"This Door Remain Unlocked when the building is Occupied."

Message Panel: "Open" appears in black letters on white background when lick is retracted and "Locked" in red letters when actuated. Also available with red (locked) and green (unlocked) wordless panels.

Material/Finish: Indicator escutcheon is zinc alloy with 130 (Satin Aluminum) Ritecoat finish, Header sign is clear aluminum match with black letters. 

Compatible Locks:

  • 1830
  • 1870
  • MS1837
  • MS1850S
  • MS1850S-505
  • MS1850SN
  • MS1850SN-505
  • MS1860
  • MS+1890
  • SCH1850S
  • SCH1850SN

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