2100 Series - Flatbar Exit Devices




2100 Series - Flatbar Exit Devices

The 2100(F) is a rim exit device to be used with single doors or pairs of
doors constructed of metal, wood or composite materials. The 2100(F)
can be paired with a wide variety of trims to meet many applications.
Certified ANSI/BHMA
A156.3, Grade 1.
Listed for use on fire doors having a rating up to and
including 3-hours unless otherwise noted.
2100 exit device lever trims feature the unique Free
Wheeling lever mechanism. This Free Wheeling trim features a clutch
mechanism which allows the lever to float down 60° when operated in
the locked condition, greatly improving vandal resistance.
The 2100 series exit devices carry a three-year warranty. Rose trims
carry a two-year warranty.
ANSI/BHMA Certified: A156.3 Type 1, Grade 1

• Designed for wide stile doors
• Non-handed for easy installation
• Steel interlock “E” bracket maintains door-to-mullion
relationship in fire-labeled devices
• Deadlocking pullman latchbolt positively engages roller strike

Warranty: 3-year limited
UL/cUL Listed: FVSR/FVSR7 - Panic hardware
GXHX/GXHX7 - Fire exit hardware (F)
(4’ x 8’ single, 8’ x 8’ pairs, 3 hr.)
ZHEM - Latching hardware
ZHLA - Windstorm rated assemblies

• Single swing doors
• Pairs of doors (mullion required)
• Metal, wood or composite door materials

Door Opening Width:
-36 for 30” - 36” (76cm - 91cm) doors
-48 for 42” - 48” (107cm - 122cm) doors
Door Thickness: 1-3/4” (44mm) standard. Optional door thicknesses
available to 4-1/2”; specify door thicknesswhen ordering.
Minimum Stile Width: 4-1/2” (114mm)
Projection: 2-1/2” (64mm) active, 1-3/4” (44mm) depressed
Latchbolt: 3/4” (19mm) deadlocking stainless steel pullman-type
Strike: 757F, 793 optional (double door application, panic only)
Fasteners: Machine screws and wood door fasteners standard for
panic hardware. Sex nuts and bolts supplied standard for fire exit
Trims: 440F series rose trim with escutcheon plate
Dogging: Hex key dogging supplied standard on panic devices

Stocked Product
No. Size Function Finish
2100 36”, 48” Exit Only 689
2100F 36”, 48” Fire Exit Only 689

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