Doormerica 2100 Electro Magnetic Door Holder


SKU: DOA30009200

Doormerica 2100 Electro Magnetic Door Holder


Doormerica 2100 Mag Holder Features:
• Multiple voltages standard 24VAC, 24VDC,120VAC
• Recessed wall mounted fits inside standard single gang
electrical box.
• Includes 1/2” extension with product.
• 1/2” and 3/4”extensions available.

Doormerica 2100 Mag Holder Specifications:
The 2100 Series Electro-magnetic Door Holder is stocked Tri
Voltage. It can be wired to 12V DC, 24VAC/DC or 120VAC.
Units can be used on fire/smoke barrier doors hold open until
released by a remote switching device. They can also be used
to just hold a door open. The armature is thru-bolted to the
door for security. Extensions available for different projection