1601 Series: Multi-Sized Closers- Packed 6 per case





Two Power Ranges:

Each series can be adjusted through a range of sizes:

Series 1601 Normal Power Range Closers,sizes 3 thru 6.

Series 1601BF Accessibility Code Closers, sizes 1 thru 4.

Booster Spring:

Specially designed booster spring is engineered into each unit to provide additional and necessary closing force for doors which travel beyond 110° of swing.

Tri-Style Installation:

Packaged for regular arm, top jamb or parallel arm installation.

Aluminum Alloy Shell:

Norton closer shells are constructed of a special aluminum alloy which is lightweight and offers proven durability.

Rack & Pinion Operation:

Provides a smooth transmission of power, for control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle.

Adjustable Sweep Speed:

An independent regulating valve, hex-key-operated, permits adjustment of the general closing speed.

Adjustable Latch Speed:

An independent regulating valve, hex-key-operated, permits adjustment of the door’s speed for approximately the last 10° of the closing cycle.

Adjustable Backcheck Cushioning:

An independent regulating valve, hex-key-operated, provides an adjustable hydraulic cushion to the door opening speed toward the end of the opening cycle.

Adjustable Delayed Action:

Available in place of backcheck. Adds a third closing speed range at the beginning of the door’s closing cycle.


Norton Series 1601BF door closers will meet the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act (A.D.A.), and will comply with industry standards for opening and closing forces as established by the Builders Hardware Manufacturing Association (B.H.M.A.).

Option H:

Hold open arm function

Stocked Product:

Regular, BF, DA,

H stocked in 689 only

689 (aluminum)

690 (dark bronze)

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