RF Controls




• One million unique transmitter codes pre-programmed at factory
• Auto-learn receivers accept from 10 to 480 codes
• 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 channel handheld transmitters
• Fullsize or key chain formats
• Wireless keypad models
• Exclusive wall switch ready transmitter
• 5 Wire receiver with form c relay output
• IRM option for TX-7 & TX-8 improves accuracy of transmission

RX/TX Series transmitters and receivers are ideal for varied commercial
and handicap applications. Wireless operation eliminates the need to run wiring to the key
switch or push button. Digital technology provides maximum range. Camden has full size
and key chain transmitters, as well as wall-switch-ready and keypad models. Our
receiver features the latest “push and learn” technology, and form C relay output. Camden
exclusives include transmitter with Instant Response Module (pulse extender) and receivers
with adjustable time delays.

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