L1000 - Series Lever




L1000 - Series Lever
• The L1000 series provides full mechanical push button access with no
electrical wiring, electronics or batteries. Exterior access is by combination.
Interior egress is free at all times. The lock meets ADA standards
• ANSI A156.2 grade 1
• ASA strike
• Backset 2-3/4”
• Door thickness 1-3/8” - 1-3/4”
• Installation ASA 161 door prep. with additional through bore holes required
• Handed not field reversible
Optional Features:
• Key override - can be used to over ride combination and gain access using a
key - supplied less cylinder
• Key override is prepped for I.C. cylinders only
Stocked Product
PART No.             DESCRIPTION                               FINISH
L1011                      Lever only                                      26D
L1021B       Lever with Best Override Less Core          26D
L1021C       Lever with Corbin Override Less Core      26D
L1021S     Lever with Schlage Override Less Core      26D

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