4015 Threshold Bolt for Aluminum Stile Doors

Adams Rite



Cylinder Height: Standard threshold bolt rod is sufficient for cylinder height up to 53-7/16". It is fully threaded and can be cut off for low cylinder heights. Also available to volume users, cut and threaded only for specific cylinder heights.

Adjustment: Exact adjustment of threaded rod to cylinder height is locked in place by hexagonal threshold bolt.

Function: Adding the 4015 bolt to a pivoted bolt MS deadbolt allows Maximum Security for pairs of doors by the turn of a single key. Simultaneously dropping steel hexbolt into the threshold and pivoting the massive MSA bolt into the mating door's stile, the two point lock secures the entire double door entrance. The 4015 threshold bolt is harnessed to the rear of the pivoted bolt. It may be added to any basic MS1850S or MS1850SN deadbolt. 

Threshold Bolt: Hexagonal 3/8" flat to flat. Made of stainless steel.

Operation: 360 degrees turn of key or thumb turn in basic MS lock throws counterbalanced bolt into opposite door and drop bolt into threshold. Key can be removed only when bolts are in a positively locked or unlocked position.

Options: For "universal" application, specify 4015-18 with fully threaded rod for cut off to any cylinder height below 53".

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