DMH Touch Screen Digital Lock with Smart+ Prox Card




• Stand-alone Touchscreen responds to human touch
enabling convenient entrance or access to programming
menu. After operation has been completed, the lock reverts
to sleep mode.
• Grade 1 lockset with electronic modern touch screen.
• Easy programmable menu.
• Smart+ Prox card compatible - slim “no slot” design.
• Convenient wake-up button illuminates and activates easy
to read key pad.
• Low battery indicator.
• Allows up to 1,000 individual user codes and credentials.
• Free wheeling lever mechanism.
• 9 volt battery terminal for emergency power supply.
• Saturn lever design.
• Allows continuous entry for non-restricted traffic.
• Non-handed, field reversible.
• Wake-up Button activates and illuminates the number pad
for PIN code and Prox Card entry.
• Includes 2 Smart+ Prox Cards. Additional cards available.
• ANSI/BHMA - Certified ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Series 4000,
Grade 1 strength and operational requirements.
• A.D.A. - All levers conformed to ADA requirement for barrierfree
• UL/cUL - UL listed to USA and Canadian safety standards
listed for 3 hour doors. Letter F and UL symbol latch fronts
indicate listing.
• Positive Pressure - Meets UL 10C and UBC 7-2(1997)
• California State Reference Code - Levers with less than
1/2”(13mm) returns comply : Levers returns to within
1/2”(13mm) door face.

• User PIN Code
1,000 individual users codes + credentials
• Smart+ Prox Card
- Compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructures
- Operates at 13.56 MHz in accordance with ISO14443A
- Inductive Distance up to 1-3/16”(~30mm)
- PVC 1/32” x 2-1/8” x 3-3/8”(.076mm x 54mm x 85.6mm)
• Handing
Non-Handed, Field reversible levers
• Lever mechanism
Free wheeling lever mechanism. When the outside lever is
locked, it will rotate freely up and down while remaining
securely locked.
• Door thickness
1-3/8”~2”(35mm~51mm) standard
• Backset
2-3/4”(70mm) standard or 2-3/8”(60mm) special order
• Face plate
1-1/8” x 2-1/4” (28mm x 57mm) square corner, beveled, for
2-3/4”(70mm) backset standard
1” x 2-1/4”(25mm x 57mm) square corner, beveled, for
2-3/8”(60mm) backset optional
• Strike
ANSI Curved lip strike 1-1/4” x 4-7/8” x 1-3/16”(32mm x
124mm x 30mm) lip to center standard. Optional (“T”, “Fulllip”)
strike available on request.
• Exposed Trim
Lever: pressure cast zinc, plated to match finish symbols.
All metal escutcheon provide quality and durability.
• Latch bolt
1/2”(13mm) throw solid brass, deadlocking on keyed
• Lever design
• Cylinder
6-pin solid brass “Schlage C” keyway standard with two
brass keys per lock.
• Finish
Other finishes available with lead time.
• Power source
Powered by 4 AA Alkaline battery with optional hardwire.
9 volt battery terminal for emegency power supply.
• Environmental performance
Weather resistant
Temperature ranging from -30°F~150°F(-30°C~+66°C) at
85% relactive humidity.
Programming Functions:
• Master PIN code
It is used for programming and register some kinds of PIN codes.
It can open door and factory default setting.
• User PIN code
It can open door and registered up to 1,000 codes, 3-6 digits.
• One-time user PIN code
It can only be used once and the PIN code information is deleted
automatically after use.
It can be registered up to 3 different codes, 3-6 digits.
• Manager PIN code
It can open the door with lockout mode and be used like User PIN
It can be registered up to 3 different codes, 3-6 digits.
• Smart+ Prox Card
It can be registered with each registration number(No.1~999)
consecutively by Master PIN code.
If not needed anymore, delete registration number only.
• Passage Mode
Enabling Passage mode allows continuous entry for nonrestricted
traffic. Passage mode enabled or disabled through
feature programming by either the Master or Manager PIN code.
When the unit is in Passage Mode, the unlocked padlock icon will
appear on the screen.
• Lock-out Mode
This feature is enabled by either the Master or Manager PIN
Codes. When enabled, it restricts all User PIN Code access except
Master and Manager PIN Codes. When the unit is in Lock-out, the
padlock will appear on the screen.
• Low Battery
When battery power is low, the low battery icon will begin
blinking. If battery power is completely lost, the key and cylinder
can be used or the 9 volt battery terminal can be used for
emegency power.
• Auto Re-lock time
After successful code entry and the units unlocks, it will
automatically re-lock in a default of five (5) seconds.
RE-lock time can be changed by either Master or Manager PIN
• Sound Volume
Can be changed by either Master or Manager PIN code.
The factory default is 2 Level. ( Min1- Max3, Mute4).