SG8200 (Call for Quote)

Eliason Corporation



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DOOR BODY: 3/4” exterior grade solid wood core, 1” total door thickness


  • Laminate: Decorative high pressure laminate (both sides)
  • Edge Trim: Extruded PVC
  • Back Channel: 18 gauge stainless steel

WINDOW: 9” x 14” clear acrylic set in black rubber molding. Other sizes available, call for pricing.


*Full Perimeter Gasket

SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL: 18” Stainless Steel Base Plate

SHIPPING: Within 10 days upon ordering. Freight is included in listed price. 



HARDWARE: Available in 90/90 degree or 90/180 degree configuration

LOCK: May be used with single leaf solid wood core doors. Toggle switch on inside and key entry on outside of door 

BUMPER STRIPS: Tempered, extruded aluminum alloy .75” x 1.5” thick black anodized. Use at point of impact for décor protection.

JAMB GUARDS: For high impact traffic areas. Protects door frame and botto hardware. Available in 3” x 9” or 5” x 18”

SPRING BUMPERS: Flexible, impact resistant, thermoplastic material. Used to protect the door finish in abusive traffic areas. Offered in a variety of colors and sizes. Highly recommended in heavy impact openings.

WINDOW FRAMES: High impact plastic molded window frames available for 9” x 14” or 14” x 16” windows upon request.

BASE PLATES: High Impact .100" thick thermoplastic base plates are available in various sizes.


WINDOWS: Various window sizes and configurations are available.

PUSH PLATES: Manufactured from stainless steel or ABS plastic. Push plates are a functional item that adds a professional look to any door.


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